Quick Answer: What Jobs Can I Get With A Finance Degree?

What jobs can a finance major get?

Best Jobs for Graduates With a Finance Degree

  • Financial Planner. Finance majors learn about a variety of investment vehicles, and this knowledge can help financial planners to advise clients about how to manage their finances.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Investor Relations Associate.
  • Budget Analyst.
  • Actuary.
  • Accountant.
  • Credit Analyst.
  • Attorney.

How much can you make with a finance degree?

A master’s degree in finance commands an even higher starting salary than a bachelor’s. According to NACE, those graduating with a master’s in finance earned an average of $73,000 per year to start in 2012. The median-earning half of graduates with a master’s in finance made between $58,600 and $83,900 out of the gate.

Is finance a good degree?

Yes, Finance is a good major for undergraduate study. Finance careers are growing along with that job opportunities are growing as well. With a finance degree in hand, you can work in: Corporate management.

Do you need a finance degree to work in finance?

A finance or business degree is a prerequisite for most jobs in the financial industry, but what if you don’t possess one and want to work in this field? While it is more difficult for someone with a non-finance degree to secure a job in finance, there’s still hope.