What Are The Most Expensive Sports To Play?

What Are The Most Expensive Sports To Play?

Most Expensive kids sports

  • Football : Price – $558.
  • Skiing : Price – $535.
  • Golf : Price – $500.
  • Baseball : Price – $385.
  • Field Hockey : Price – $275.
  • Horseback Riding or Equestrian : Price – $200.
  • Gymnastics : Price – $150.
  • Martial Arts : Price – $140.

What is the most expensive sport in the world?

Below are the top 10 most expensive sports in the world to decide whether the sport that you play is expensive or not.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning.
  2. Bobsledding.
  3. Wingsuiting.
  4. Modern Pentathlon.
  5. Sailing.
  6. Formula 1.
  7. Polo.
  8. Equestrianism. It is also commonly known as horseback riding or simply horse riding.

What sport cost the most to play?

  • Ice hockey. Hockey parents won’t be surprised that their sport ranks number one, averaging $595* for basic equipment costs.
  • Boys’ lacrosse: One of the fastest growing sports is also one of the most expensive.
  • Football.
  • Baseball.
  • Field hockey.

What is the cheapest sport to play?

Cheapest and Most Expensive Youth Sports

  1. Swimming.
  2. Soccer. Simply put, soccer is one of the cheapest and easiest sports for a child to pick up.
  3. Track. Track is another sport that can be practiced almost anywhere.
  4. Hockey. Ice hockey is one of the most expensive youth sports out there today.
  5. Horseback Riding.
  6. Football.
  7. Skiing.

Is golf the most expensive sport?

Golf is officially the most expensive sport to play. Golf is as expensive as you choose to make it. That makes golf the most expensive sport of all, costing significantly more than football (£141 a month), cycling (£88 a month) and tennis (£80 a month).

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