Question: Should Sports Be A Compulsory Subject In Schools?

Question: Should Sports Be A Compulsory Subject In Schools?

Sports should be made as a compulsory subject in Schools and Colleges and extra marks should be given in Examinations.

There should also be a quota for employment for Sport Persons.

Every school must have a dedicated time for students to play.

Should Team Sports be compulsory at school?

I think schools should not make PE compulsory. Rather, they should encourage students to exercise on a daily basis by explaining the benefits to them. In PE lessons, students learn different kinds of sport, such as basketball, tennis and so forth. They can find out which kind of sport they enjoy playing.

Why sports should be made compulsory in schools?

So, sports should be made compulsory in schools. There should be at least one period every day compulsory for every student. Sport is not only a fun activity but also keeps children physically fit and mentally active. Well, it should be realised that playing sports helps children develop teamwork and sportsmanship.

Should sport be optional in schools?

Some schools may impose high standards for sports and this can be stressful and unfair for some students. Sports lessons should be optional. I believe that only students who are comfortable with such classes should participate in them. Sports lessons are not a “must” for students to maintain a healthy life.

Should sports be included in school curriculum?

In order to reach these sports should be included in school curriculum. It is fact that physical training and exercise help to include discipline. Further sports and games give the youngsters an opportunity to lead as well as be lead. Thus sports help to bring out and nurture the qualities of leadership.

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